RIPv2 Notes

RFC 2453 – RIP Version 2 Distance Vector IGP. Routers only know what directly connected neighbours tell them (Routing by Rumour). Routers only know what is the routing as it told by neighbours but does not actually know the state/condition of the route itself.

RIP Offset-List

Two routers R9 and R7 where R7 is connected to the rest of the network and R9 is the edge network. All of the network is exchanging routes via RIP version 2 with no-summary option.


Storm Control blocks an interface upon receiving unicast, multicast, or broadcast packets flood based on the threshold value within one second period of time. This can be handy to prevent or at least reduce network flooding activities that can impact the network performance. When the offending traffic reaches the Rising Threshold (RT), the interface blocks…

MST Notes

History Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) is a protocol to ensure there is no loop in layer 2 network. This protocol was invented by Radia Perlman in 1985 and published as a standard originally as IEEE 802.1D-1990. In essence, STP works by sending a probe to every layer 2 switches and decides which link should be…