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Cisco Catalyst 9000 (C9K)

Cisco Catalyst 9000 (C9K).


  • Same binary image across all C9K; Open IOS-XE 16.5. Note. the term Open IOS-XE is for the new released IOS-XE starting on version 16.
    • Using database approach to store configuration.
    • SMU (Software Maintenance Update). To get rid of bug, there is patch which can be installed without upgrading the IOS-XE and subsequently no outage.
    • Support Data Models (Netconf/Yang); Google OpenConfig.
  • Programmable ASIC via FlexParser.
  • Micro Engines to off-load CPU processing requirement.
  • Three models:
    • Cisco Catalyst 9300. Fixed Access.
    • Cisco Catalyst 9400. Modular Access.
    • Cisco Catalyst 9500. Fixed Core.
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