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INEv5 – VIRL Topology – Lan Switching Spanning Tree Initial

I have been using INE (Internetwork Expert) CCIE RS rack rental but sometimes I find it a bit too slow for telnet response. So, with the advent of Cisco VIRL I have created the similar lab topology so I can lab the workbooks with fast response.

Initial configuration is saved in the .virl file but it is also available in a separate file just in case VIRL does not load the full config (in this case VLANs).

Topology diagram is also available with the conversion from INE lab to VIRL lab.
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BGP Lab v01

This is my BGP lab I’ve created on dynamips. I don’t have the time to explain in details why I configure it this way. This is actually part of my BGP/CCIP study. So, don’t expect you will find BGP/CCIE level on this lab.

This lab consists:
– Multihoming to multi ISP
– Usage of Weight, Local Preference, AS-Path, and MED.
– Multipath
– BGP dampening
– Confederation
– Route-Reflector
– Next-Hop
– Aggregation
– Cluster
– and probably some more I could not remember.

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